Disorderly Conduct

by Kiko Matsing

A UF student got tasered by campus police during Q&A with Sen. John Kerry. This guy was obviously trying to pull a stunt, and the cops fell for it. They’re now denounced as using excessive force. Why didn’t they just let him blow hot air? Hey, Kerry was even willing to engage him, and kept on answering his questions, even while the guy was pinned down at the back with a taser to his chest. What a charmer!

Apparently, this guy is a regular jerk, as some ladies on campus testify:

Cleo wrote on Sep 18, 2007 2:31 AM: “Andrew Meyer has always been an attention-grabbing wh*re. I’m sure he’s eating this up. It was really fun to watch Andrew Meyer scream like a little girl.”

to Cleo wrote on Sep 18, 2007 11:40 AM: “To the first poster, Andrew Meyer isn’t just a attention-grabbing wh*re, he’s a regualr wh*re who dosn’t cuddle after sex. I’m glad this wh*re got shocked.”

Holly. Molly.

This is a circus, not a question of free speech, as some posed it to be. I believe he would have been allowed to interrogate Kerry had he been more well behaved, like a gentleman. He was kicked out because he acted like a punk, and because the cops let their chains be yanked.