Industrial Rock: KMFDM’s “Ultra Heavy Beat”

by Kiko Matsing

KMFDM Nonsensical German:
No majority for the pity.

Currently listening to industrial rock band KMFDM. Just got their 1996 Wax Trax! compilation Retro in the mail, with songs from previous albums: Xtort, Nihil, Angst, Money, Naïve/Hell to Go, Uaioe, What Do You Know, Deutschland?, and Don’t Blow Your Top. For some reason, I gravitate towards more and more aggressive music nowadays, especially those with extreme totalitarian aesthetic like KFMDM, and its close cousin Nitzer Ebb. Must be the stress of dissertation writing. Both bands sport Soviet propaganda art on their album covers. Aidan “Brute!” Hughes, for example, has been doing stunning graphic art–a cross between Russian constructivism and Roy Lichtenstein–for KMFDM’s sleeves since 1985. In 1993 he also animated their music video A Drug Against War.

Symbols Hau Ruck What do you know, Deutschland? Don't Blow Your Top UAIOE Naïve/Hell to Go Money Angst Xtort Attak Don't Blow Your Top More & Faster Virus Boots Godlike Light Split Money Vogue A Drug Against War Sucks Glory Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away Juke Joint Jezebel                                                                  Brute Art