High Chair: Big Dreams from a Small Press

by Kiko Matsing

High Chair Issue 8 LogoHigh Chair Issue 8 Artwork

Vince just sent me a link to High Chair, an online poetry journal with a mission to promote poetry in the Philippines:

High Chair is a nonprofit small press that aims to promote genuine interest in poetry in the Philippines.

The journal is mostly edited by Allan Popa. High Chair operations are handled by Mabi David. Marc Gaba occasionally co-edits and has done work in book design. Kristine Domingo assists in all areas. Alex Gregorio is the fifth man of the founding group.

The editor/s of the journal solicit work directly from poets, and welcome prose submissions.

Manuscripts for book publication are selected by the group, in conversation with Mesandel Virtusio Arguelles, Conchitina Cruz, EJ Galang, Mayo Uno Martin, and Vincenz Serrano.

The web design looks clean, sharp, no-frills–the better to highlight the superb writing. It reminds me of Pen & Ink, the glossy publishing effort of Clinton Palanca in the 1990’s. I just hope that High Chair fares better than Pen & Ink’s five volumes. Here’s to success in your readership! As Seamus Heaney would say, may poetry “quicken [us] all into verb, pure verb”.