On the Road, Part 2: To Albuquerque

by Kiko Matsing

To Albuquerque
Source: Google Maps

Fort Stockton to El Paso

You can drive all day, and still be in Texas. We stayed at Fort Stockton for the night, one of the few stopping places for travellers between San Antonio and El Paso where there are motels, gas, and eateries. Having driven all Hill Country the previous day, and from Junction to Fort Stockton at night, I was astonished at the vastness of the landscape that greeted us in the morning. The sky was blue and emptly, the grass was golden, and distant mountains purple, orange, and red.

Road Road & Sky
Truck #2 Mountain #8
El Paso & Juarez Ho Ho Ho

New Mexico: Alamogordo to Albuquerque

It was evening when we reached Alamogordo on our way to White Sands. We wanted to see the gypsum sand dunes at the edge of the missile testing site. This was near the spot where atom bombs were tested that were later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The park closed on us, and as we were pressed to move on to Albuquerque, missed seeing the glistening, glittering sands.

Beware Mountain #2
Mountain #1 Missile

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