Is it Fresh?

by Kiko Matsing

ORBISFresh page has moved to this spanking new blog site.

ORBIS is my main blog at WordPress, and Fresh is the page where I add anything current in the news, in popular culture, in my life. As an omnivorous consumer of media, this serves as my repository of anything interesting I should stumble upon while trawling the Web: the haphazard inventory of what arrests the fleeting attention of a cyberflâneur.

The reason for moving Fresh here is two-fold: I want to archive what I find, and give readers the facility to comment on each item. The static page format had become simply too limited. Also, while I have no complaints about the blogging tools at WordPress, I have been bummed at their ban on scripting. I’m a big fan of fancy widgets.

My more extended and thoughtful entries, however will remain housed in ORBIS. Fresh is for the new, the brief, the fleeting.