Juices from the Word Press

by Kiko Matsing

ORBISExtract page has likewise moved to a new blog site.

ORBIS is my main blog at WordPress, and Extract is the page where I jot down passages from books that moved me or engaged my intellect. For Borges, “poetry is not the books in the library… [it] is the encounter of the reader with the book, the discovery of the book”. Extract is my attempt to sustain the poetic delight in my encounters with the book.

The reason for moving Extract here is two-fold: I want to archive what I find, and give readers the facility to comment on each item. The static page format had become simply too limited. Also, while I have no complaints about the blogging tools at WordPress, I have been bummed at their ban on scripting. I’m a big fan of fancy widgets.

I once wrote that more than being a writer, I feel a strong desire to actually be, more and more, like Borges, a perfect reader. Extract collects the sweet sap of reading.