How to Eat Pomegranates

by Kiko Matsing

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Persephona

Pomegranates are delicious fruits; the seeds are red, juicy, and both tart and sweet–sort of like cranberry juice. Problem is, it’s mighty hard to get to the seeds. This could actually have been fortuitous for Persephone–she was able to eat just six seeds in the Underworld, thus condemning her there for only half of the year. It is a pricey fruit, so when it became in season here last autumn, I trawled YouTube for how-to videos on how to remove the seed without making a big bloody mess.

Here is the best method I found: Slice it in half and whack the damn thing with a spoon. Nota bene: Hold the open end face down on your palm so that the juice does not splatter all over the place, and open your fingers so that the seed fall freely into a bowl. Dude! Way to go!