Would You Like Some Crumpets and Tea?

by Kiko Matsing

“Joe Klein, TIME columnist and author; Arianna Huffington, blog queen and author. We’re talking media elite, people. Media elite.” (from Time 100 Party Pics!, 9 May 2007)

from It’s Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin
by Joe Klein, Time, 11 Feb 2010

The speech [at a Tea Party meeting in Nashville] was inspired drivel, a series of distortions and oversimplifications, totally bereft of nourishing policy proposals—the sort of thing calculated, carefully calculated, to drive lamestream media types like me frothing to their keyboards…

Drivel? See State of the Union Fact Check at Cato Institute for Obama’s own “malnourished” policy proposals.

Palin hits the same mystic chords as Clinton. A woman who goes to war against the 19-year-old boy who knocked up her daughter and then posed for Playgirl is far more comprehensible to most Americans than deficit spending is…

Are you kidding me? “Oh, you betcha,” she said — and one might even argue that you betcha is American for “Yes, we can.” At least, in a certain sort of America: the land of simple truths, where nothing Barack Obama does makes sense.

Knocked up her daughter? Wow. I guess this crass tabloid language passes for journalism at Time Magazine. What elitist condescension to–no derision for–average Americans!

I suppose we need a paragraph here about why all this simplicity is extremely dangerous. Most economists agree that if it hadn’t been for the bank bailouts and the Obama stimulus package, the country would have slid into a deep recession that might have prevented a lot of Tea Partyers from buying their $549 tickets to ride. Then again, any sentence that begins with “Most economists” is a license to snore in tea party nation.

I think it is Mr. Klein who cannot wrap his mind around the magnitude of a $1.75 trillion deficit (see my previous entry).