Where The Wild Things Are

by Kiko Matsing

SeaWorld Orlando investigation: Killer whale pulled in trainer by ponytail: Trainer Dawn Brancheau was pulled underwater by her ponytail; She died from “multiple traumatic injuries and drowning,” a new report says.

Dawn Brancheau

Ms Gross said her sister had loved the whales like they were her children… “She loved all of them,” Ms. Gross [sister of killed trainer Dawn Brancheau] said, according to the Associated Press… Sea World curator Chuck Tompkins: “He grabbed her hair and pulled her underwater”… “They all had personalities, good days and bad days.”… She said her sister had been inspired to work with marine life after a trip, as a nine-year-old, to a SeaWorld centre.

from Whale trainer’s family speak of shock at SeaWorld death, BBC, 25 Feb 2010

Bad days?

Killer Whale

Orca are not cute, cuddly creatures we make them out to be in theme parks for our children. There’s a reason why they are called killers. They are indifferent, instinctual, elemental predators. It is foolish to domesticate them–a hubris of civilized, technological society.

Polar Bear

Polar bear–poster pet for the global warming religion–devouring its young. Awww…