Monster Meal 2

by Kiko Matsing

Philippines dragon-sized lizard is a new species (Reuters):

Hunted for its tasty flesh, the brightly colored forest monitor lizard can grow to more than six feet in length but weighs only about 22 pounds (10 kg), said Rafe Brown of the University of Kansas, whose team confirmed the find.

“It lives up in trees, so it can’t get as massive as the Komodo dragon, a huge thing that eats large amounts of fresh meat,” Brown said by telephone. “This thing is a fruit-eater and it’s only the third fruit-eating lizard in the world.”

Discovering such a large vertebrate species is extremely rare, Brown said. The lizard, a new species of the genus Varanus, is skittish and able to hide from humans, its primary predators, which could explain why it has gone undetected by scientists for so long.

I love the way they spiced up the news in Australia:

New giant, double-penis lizard – Varanus bitatawa or monitor lizard – found on Luzon Island in the Philippines (

The two penises are often used in alternation, and sometimes contain spines or hooks that serve to anchor the male within the female during intercourse.

Comment from a Yahoo News reader:

I love the arrogance of the scientific community who label this lizard a “new” species, as if it didn’t exist until Mr. Brown was handed one by the natives who have probably been hunting them for centuries.

Yum! Just like what grandma used to make:

Adobong Bayawak Recipe: “An exotic dish from the Philippines best served with whiskey, brandy or my favorite drink, San Miguel Beer, ito ang beer. Taste like chicken.”