He Sounds Just Like Steve Perry, Only A Little Hotter

by Kiko Matsing

Aisha Tyler talks Arnel Pineda and Journey on KFOG Radio Morning Show

To the nitpickers: yes, Arnel Pineda’s voice is not exactly like Perry’s. His has a clarity of timbre compared to Perry’s rasp–but both render the songs with the same soulfulness. Who would want them to be exactly the same, anyway, except those who cannot get over the fact that Perry is long gone, and will never reunite with Journey? I do not prefer one voice over the other, and this is perhaps why Arnel Pineda succeeds as the new frontman. He delivers the same quality of sound–the same feel–that fans come to expect from Journey, that they would not care that it is not Steve Perry on stage. It allows the legendary band, long derailed by their maimed voice, to finally move on and make new music.