Apple Accessories: The $29 Fix

by Kiko Matsing

Early iPhone 4 owners in grip of reception problem (AP)

[Some] early buyers posted messages on Apple’s customer support website, complaining that gripping the gadget in ways that covered small black lines in the steel band could cause the number of “bars” — the indicator of call signal strength — to plummet.
Some people said the iPhone 4 would disconnect mid-call when the phone was nestled in their hands in such a way that the lower-left corner of the device was covered.

Apple’s response: “Tough! Get over it!” Or better yet: “Buy the $29 accessory.” (Apple removes features users like from their devices, and then sell you the accessory for $29.)

Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman, called such problems “a fact of life for every wireless phone.”

She recommended avoiding holding the iPhone 4 in ways that block the black line, or buying a case for the phone. Apple sells a “bumper,” which covers the sides of the iPhone, for $29. The other case available from Apple’s online store is a leather wallet that costs $130.

Apparently with Apple, the end-user has to follow the dictates of design, not the other way around. This is simply bad design philosophy. Ergonomic does not necessarily have to be ugly; just step up to the design challenge.

Apple chooses to hype instead.

(Source: According to Apple, Ergonomics is Ugly)

[Does] sleek mean giving up on usability? Does this also mean that making a product ergonomic makes a design ugly and complicated?…

It continues to surprise me the things Apple, as a brand, get away with. What surprises me even more, is that Apple’s rabid fans jump in to help them out, and the world of Apple accessories gains another 3rd party product that “fixes” Apple’s design problems.

(from According to Apple, Ergonomics is Ugly)

Hey, Apple: “Don’t be evil!”