Customized Ads But Not Fraud Protection

by Kiko Matsing

Apple Battles Frauds in iTunes (Wall Street Journal)

Victims include Pam Quinn, who last month received a call from her credit-card company asking if she had bought $7,000 worth of iPad apps. Ms. Quinn, who doesn’t own an iPad, said she has purchased only a few hundred dollars worth of music and gift cards a year since she opened her iTunes account in 2005.

“The phone call should have come from Apple hours before it came from Visa,” said the 57-year-old real estate agent in Southport, N.C. Instead, she said Apple refused to deal with her on the phone and 48 hours later responded to her email request for help by telling her to contact her bank and delete her account.

…[Some] victims said Apple could be doing more to detect purchases that deviate from their histories, especially since it can deliver targeted ads to App Store buyers based in part on the users’ history of past purchases.

Hey Apple: “Don’t be evil!”