Lost & Found

by Kiko Matsing

Ansel Adams photos found at yard sale; estimated value at $200 million (examiner.com)

“It truly is a missing link of Ansel Adams and history and his career.”

David W. Streets, art dealer

UPDATE: Adams heirs skeptical about lost negatives claim (AP)

Sir John Franklin search ship found (telegraph.co.uk)
A ship lost while searching for missing explorer Sir John Franklin in the Arctic 150 years ago has been found by Canadian archaeologists.

The ship was discovered in shallow water in Mercy Bay in Canada’s western Arctic, by researchers from Parks Canada this week.

The Investigator was one of a number of American and British ships sent to search for the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, which were lost during Franklin’s ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage in 1845.

It was abandoned in ice in 1953 by Captain Robert McClure and his men, who spent three years trying to negotiate the final leg of the Northwest Passage but were continually thwarted by ice.