Pound For Pound

by Kiko Matsing

Margarito, who weighed 150 at Friday’s weigh-in, was 165 after rehydrating. Margarito had advantages of 17 pounds, 4½ inches in height and 6½ inches of reach, but looked like he would have needed sticks and clubs, as well as loaded gloves, to even be competitive with the blazingly fast Filipino.

(from “Is Pacquiao the best ever?”, Yahoo! Sports)

Pacquiao always enters the ring with a big, open smile. Has there been anyone else who goes into a fight with such joy?

“I wanted to give a good fight and I wanted to make the people happy. It’s why sometimes I fought him toe-to-toe. It’s what the people wanted.”

“My ultimate concern as a fighter is I want the people to be happy.”