Žižek on Love

by Kiko Matsing

Slavoj Žižek–Lacanian, Hegelian, Marxist–talks about love.

Love, for me, is an extremely violent act… Love is evil.

There is something about Žižek that is excruciating to watch. Not the lisp, the twitching, the sweating, or even the grizzly, unkempt beard. (Though I get this retch reflex to shower.) It is his manic, hyper-intellectualized locution that masks rather tedious points. “You see perfection in imperfection itself,” says the Zen sage on crystal meth.

What is that line from Macbeth? Ah yes: “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Macbeth’s nihilism serves as sharp summary for the semi(di)otic gibberish in Lacanian psychoanalysis.