Wikileaks Claims Climategate?

by Kiko Matsing

We released over ten years worth of emails from the CRU and those climate scientists discussing… The mainstream press, and in fact a lot of Internet types in the United States, then went over that material and, yes, they did take some things out of context… So you’re saying maybe we should not have released it… Our promise to our sources is that get it to us, if it was withheld from the public, and it’s of significance, we will release it… And later on the UK papers which have close involvements with British Intelligence… said that we received this stuff from the FSB [Russian domestic intelligence]… My opinion is that… probably UK intelligence tried to frame us as being a conduit for the FSB because actually they didn’t like the truth of what was in those emails…

What a tangled yarn Assange is spinning to his fawning audience. I suppose tall tales of suave activists caught up with British and Russian intelligence provide excitement vicariously to their dreary lives. I had closely followed the whole Climategate affair (see A Change In Climate, Part 1), and no where was Wikileaks mentioned in the stories. To claim now that they were responsible for the leaked emails is a flat lie. As if Wikileaks need more media hype. I’ve always smelled something not quite right with Assange. What a poseur! What an attention whore!

The framing of the question is also revealing. Would Assange and Wikileaks have published the CRU emails knowing that it would help the cause of global warming skeptics? The question already presumes that Wikileaks belongs to the left-leaning bandwagon for the climate change cause… and Assange’s awkward apologizing for the “trick… to hide the decline” confirms it.

Thanks to Climate Audit for pointing this out: