Sola Scriptura

by Kiko Matsing

WLUK Story: 340-Year-Old Bible Found @ Yahoo! Video

The Luther Bible was not the first German translation, but it was by far the most influential.

The Luther Bible by reason of its widespread circulation facilitated the emergence of the modern German language by standardizing it for the peoples of the Holy Roman Empire, an empire embodying most of present day Germany. It is considered a landmark in German literature, with Luther’s vernacular style often praised by modern German sources for its forceful vigor (“kraftvolles Deutsch”) that he chose to translate the Scripture.

(from Wikipedia)

In the installation “bios [bible],” an industrial robot with a pen writes down the [Luther] Bible by hand on paper rolls. With precision, the machine traverses the calligraphic linen, and moves after a monk in a monastic scriptorium in progressively developing the text.

Starting with the Old Testament and the books of Moses, “bios [bible]” finished the entire work in seven months with no breaks. All 66 books of the Bible were written on rolls and then stored as literary works in the library of the installation.

(translated from robotlab)