Show Me the Money

by Kiko Matsing

Pale-faced creep, snivelling at his women-problems? I’ve known a guy like this before…

A recent Vanity Fair article paints a picture of Assange as a power-tripping control freak, with messianic delusions, who does not appreciate the harm his revelations would inflict on real people. Oh, and aside from the noble motives of stopping unjust wars and toppling (or at least embarrassing) governments like the US, a little money and media attention doesn’t hurt.

An unwavering advocate of full, unfettered disclosure of primary-source material, Assange was now seeking to keep highly sensitive information from reaching a broader audience. He had become the victim of his own methods: someone at WikiLeaks, where there was no shortage of disgruntled volunteers, had leaked the last big segment of the documents, and they ended up at The Guardian in such a way that the paper was released from its previous agreement with Assange—that The Guardian would publish its stories only when Assange gave his permission. Enraged that he had lost control, Assange unleashed his threat, arguing that he owned the information and had a financial interest in how and when it was released.

(from Vanity Fair, The Man Who Spilled the Secrets, emphasis mine)