Secretive & Shabby

by Kiko Matsing

How secretive and shabby the Americans are
(Bob Ellis, ABC, The Drum Opinion)

“There was a magical-realist quality to Osama Bin Laden. He looked like the risen Christ, and was often thought dead and came always back to life.”

“Why not give their most famous son back to the rich Bin Laden family, and see them set him down in their family plot? What right do Americans have to a fallen enemy’s corpse? Where did that new rule come from? How dare they?”

“Clearly they feared the sight of his widow, wounded in the fire-fight, at the graveside of him and his dead son, and the sight of his grieving daughter and his other sons would humanise him in an inconvenient way. Clearly they feared his grave would become, like that of Karl Marx or St Thomas a Beckett, a pilgrim shrine for apostles yet unborn.”

“How shabby the Americans are. How secretive and stupid. ”

“And Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea. Full fathom five thy father lies. Of his bones are coral made. Those are pearls that were his eyes. Imagine Hitler, buried at sea. Or Trotsky. How stupid can they be?”

“The Taliban will seize Pakistan and its WMD. And his legend, like Che’s, will grow luminous, and more and more twelve-year-old suicide bombers go into supermarkets whispering his name.”

“What klutzes they are. And how dearly we all must pay for their clumsiness, in a rejuvenated al-Qaeda and acts of terror without end, in this country too. And an atomic war, perhaps.”

(Bob Ellis, left, courtesy of The Tizona Group)

What are they smoking Down Under?

Bob Ellis is clearly mesmerized by the persona of Osama bin Laden–reciting sweet, poetic elegies to this fallen master terrorist of 9/11, and canonizing him with the left’s most beloved radical, Che Guevarra. It is easy for cynics like him to throw potshots at America from a safe distance. How easy to take for granted the blessings of living in the comfort of a Western-style democracy. I’d like to see how long this fat cat endures under Sharia Law.

Bob Ellis is living in a world constructed from the liberal fantasy that all men are good–a fantasy he can afford to enjoy over beer in his den, fenced in by the wealth and military power of the West. These terrorists are not really morally responsible for cowardly strapping their women and children with bombs to target civilians. America must have forced their hands to it. If they retaliate, it must be our fault.

I say bring it on. We cannot live in constant fear of retribution from these radical fanatics. I do not want to live under their medieval, theocratic governments. It is an unfortunate and dirty truth that the wealth and freedom that Bill Ellis is enjoying has to be defended against jihadist ideologies. It is naive to think they will play nice.

Grow some balls Mr. Ellis, Obama just did.