by Kiko Matsing

Brilliant Pacquiao’s prime is being squandered (Yahoo Sports)

Manny Pacquiao hasn’t lost a fight in six years.

And he probably isn’t losing one anytime soon, leaving fans stuck watching an iconic fighter dominate inferior opponents just for the sake of watching said icon.

Sadness isn’t a new feeling in boxing. It’s just usually reserved for those horrific nights when an aging champion is getting battered by the sport’s inevitable, and swift, circle of life. It’s sad to watch greatness gone. It’s sad to fear the damage done.

This is completely different – sadness born from frustration. It’s like watching Michael Jordan playing minor league basketball, cheating everyone from years of thrilling moments and memories on the basketball court.

Critics of boxing are always saying it needs charismatic headliners. Well, what then is Manny Pacquaio? He’s willing to fight exciting fights, test himself against bigger, stronger men. He smiles. He laughs. He’s smart. He has a real life as an elected politician. He sings on late-night talk shows and performs fan concerts after fights. There’s almost nothing like him in sports.