Who is Camille Paglia?

by Kiko Matsing

Sontag on whether she’s read Paglia:

You’d be surprised at all the things I don’t know, because I know about a lot of other things, and read all the time, and I don’t think I’m wasting my time in what I do read. One can’t read everything.

Paglia on the relevance of Sontag:

Miss Mandarin did me such a favor by coming out with this novel… Everyone remembers the old Sontag. They remember her as being beautiful, as being interesting, and suddenly they really saw her for the first time. And they realized she’s dull, she’s boring, she’s solipsistic. She know’s nothing about contemporary life. She’s not a very good writer any longer… Even this new novel… She’s become the toast of the bourgeoisie. She’s no longer even avant garde. So she did me a tremendous favor. 1992 was a wonderful year for me, because she came out of hiding, and Germaine Greer came out of hiding, and suddenly people realized just how interesting I am.

Haha! Classic Paglia. Brash and truculently to the point.