Cool Tool

by Kiko Matsing

I don’t facebook or twitter, but I live to blog. And I love my new blogging tool: a 64 GB 4th generation iPod touch. It has front and rear camera to record every bloggable moment–in still photo or video.

The photos can be downloaded over WiFi to my laptop with the WiFi Photo app. You can easily access your cameral roll through the browser.

WiFi Photo

Meanwhile, the videos can be directly uploaded to your YouTube account. It’s sooo cool!

But one of my favorite new features is Apple’s FaceTime, with which I can call another iPod (through a registered email) or an iPhone (through its phone number) over WiFi. I can watch, for example, my 2-year-old niece eat ice cream in the Philippines!


It is not the ability to take photos/videos per se that makes this a cool blogging tool–my laptop can do the same. I can also just lug a small digital camera that also takes videos. No, it is its miniature size (its all-in-one portability) and the ease and speed by which information can be uploaded and referenced on the Internet. As Marshall McLuhan said in the pre-Internet 1960’s: the medium is the message.