Marlboro Man

by Kiko Matsing

That’s… literally the Man-on-the-Horse coming into Austin… A lot of people made fun of George W. Bush as a rancher. He had a “ranchette”, you know, some type of place out of Waco… Rick Perry does come from a farming family. He did ranch. He’s comfortable on a horse… [It] is a fairly consistent image… It’s pretty powerful. It’s sort of like the cowboy, old-style, classic Texas image, as opposed to somebody who looks like they were dress-up cowboy at a rodeo with a big buckle… Rick looks like the real thing.

All hat and no cattle: Look at me, I’m a cowboy! Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!

For 2012, he finds himself almost ideally positioned as the photo negative opposite of Mr Obama, a cerebral liberal with an exotic upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia who had no executive experience before the White House and had spent his adult life in academia and Democratic-controlled cities.

(from “Rick Perry: the Paint Creek boy who would be king”, The Telegraph)