The Face of Gaddafi’s Regime

by Kiko Matsing

Shweyga Mullah

Shweyga Mullah’s head and body remain covered in large weeping scabs after the cruel punishment was inflicted by Hannibal Gaddafi’s wife, Aline Skaf.

“She took me to a bathroom. She tied my hands behind my back and tied my feet. She taped my mouth and she started pouring the boiling water on my head,” Ms Mullah told CNN of the incident, which happened three months ago.

“For three days, she wouldn’t let me sleep,” Ms Mullah said.

“I stood outside in the cold with no food. She would say to staff, ‘If anyone gives her food, I’ll do the same to you.’ I had no water, nothing.”

(from Nanny to Gaddafi’s son recounts abuse)

Aline Skaf (Doesn’t she look like Ruffa Gutierrez?)

Public hanging for this dictator.