Dowdy Mo

by Kiko Matsing

One and Done? (NY Times, Maureen Dowd)

After pushing and shoving and caving to get on TV [for his jobs plan announcement], the president’s advisers immediately began warning that the long-yearned-for jobs speech wasn’t going to be that awe-inspiring.

“The issue isn’t the size or the newness of the ideas,” one said. “It’s less the substance than how he says it, whether he seizes the moment.”

The US economy is sinking with no real leadership at the helm, and NY Times Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd worries about Obama’s form and style? Dowd is writing herself into irrelevance. Avid readers praise her wit and sharp language. All I hear is catty beauty-shop talk. Glib and hallow.

Dowd fawning over Obama’s “curious, and inquisitive, and complicated mind” during his inaugural.

Is Maureen Dowd necessary?

For a more muscular mind and brisk rhetoric…

Now that, Ms. Dowd, is what turns men on, not whinging books about how you can’t get a date.