The Passive Voice

by Kiko Matsing

Obama’s statement after Putin put 2,000 troops in Crimea:

And indeed, the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.

Ummm, yeah… like the cost to Assad for gassing his people?

Charles Krauthammer was astounded by the weakness of this Presidency, and its inability to take decisive action on the international stage.

Krauthammer thinks Obama’s statement is about “three levels removed” from actual action. He explained: Obama said “we will stand with the international community — meaning we are going to negotiate with a dozen other countries who will water down the statement — in affirming that there will be costs — meaning in making a statement not even imposing a cost, but in making a statement about imposing a cost — for any military intervention.”

(from “Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Tells the World We Aren’t Going to Do Anything About Invasion of Ukraine”, National Review Online)

Once again, Obama is unwilling to make the hard call, preferring to lead from behind. Remember when he passed the buck to Congress with regards to retaliation against Assad?

So even though I possess the authority to order military strikes, I believed it was right, in the absence of a direct or imminent threat to our security, to take this debate to Congress. I believe our democracy is stronger when the President acts with the support of Congress. And I believe that America acts more effectively abroad when we stand together.

This is what you get from leadership lacking in real world experience–poor grasp of human nature. Even Sarah Palin saw this one coming from her vantage point in Wasilla, for which she was derided by the liberal intelligentsia at the time.

Seems like Obama enjoys the glamour of the Presidency more than its task.

I wonder what “costs” he has in mind to exact from Putin if he annexes Crimea. Perhaps unfriending him on Facebook?