Two Birds With One Stone

by Kiko Matsing

Mother and Son: Ronan looking like Mia circa Rosemary’s Baby

All the while I thought the recent besmirching of Woody Allen in the press was simply Mia Farrow’s usual bitter self trying to sabotage Blue Jasmine‘s chances at the Oscars. After years of quiet, the Greek family tragedy ratchets up into sordid reality TV, with Mia’s coy hints of son Ronan’s ambiguous paternity in a Vanity Fair piece last November, Ronan’s tweet dissing estranged dad after a glowing Golden Globe tribute, and daughter Dylan’s charge of molestation laid out in raw detail in a NYT blog.

Not till I saw the news that Ronan Farrow was making a go of hosting a show at MSNBC and then afterwards receiving “The Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism” after less than a week in the job that I realized the seemingly orchestrated attack on Allen could possibly have more to do with shoring up press hype leading to his debut than tainting the well for Allen among Academy voters. It could well be both.

Farrow’s launch followed a boatload of free publicity when Farrow’s mother, Mia Farrow said in a Vanity Fair piece that Ronan’s dad might be Frank Sinatra and when Ronan tweeted during the Golden Globes, in reference to his mother’s former lover, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?” Ronan continued to make headlines after his sister, Dylan Farrow, wrote a letter that appeared in NYT columnist Nick Kristof’s blog, in which she detailed her alleged assault by Allen, and NYT book critic Janet Maslin claimed Dylan wrote the letter and got it published because she was jealous that Ronan was getting more publicity from that Vanity Fair revelation about Sinatra. (Woody Allen, meanwhile, responded through his spokesperson that he read Dylan’s letter and “found it untrue and disgraceful,” noting that a thorough investigation was conducted at the time by court-appointed independent experts who concluded there was no credible evidence of Dylan’s claims, and that no charges were ever filed.)

(from “Ronan Farrow’s New MSNBC Program Off To Weak Start: Video,” Deadline Hollywood)

Unfortunately for Ronan, free publicity is not really free, especially if you’re riding on the family’s dirty laundry.

Wednesday, Drudge schooled freshly minted news anchor, Ronan Farrow, in journalism on Twitter. Drudge wrote, “Journalism 101: ‘Any press who asks Farrow about off-message topics will be escorted out.'”

(from The Examiner)

Ironic to clamp down on the free press at a ceremony honoring you with a journalism award. One cannot unopen a can of worms.

Father and Daughter: A more senior Sinatra with young Mia

Ronan’s paternal provenance may not be brought to light anytime soon. It is indeed more tantalizing to be thought of as possibly a Sinatra. It’s a ruse to divert attention from his actual lack of substance despite his padded résumé. Perhaps the question is ultimately moot. He may not have needed to be fathered after all. He looks more like a perfect clone of the mother.