Weird Vinyl

by Kiko Matsing

Weird vinyl records classified under WTF?

I travel a lot these days (for work), typically a couple of days at a time. I’ve made it a point to check out the local vinyl record stores when I can. You never know what you’ll find in the used bins. You also get a sense of what people in the place listened to. (Tucson, AZ folks seem to be into a lot of death metal.) Vinyl record stores are typically independently run mom-and-pop establishments, and especially thrive in college towns. They thus tend to reflect local listening habits.

Stumbled upon this great store in the Tri-Cities WA area with a great selection of oldies. My big find was a VG copy of Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps’ second album. I also happened to pick up a cool late-70s compilation called Surf and Drag. I’ve been getting into a lot of rockabilly and tight garage bands these days, as well as surf rock. It’s probably from moving recently to SoCal (and getting to be of a certain age!).

What caught my attention is a couple of bins with interesting categories: Flappers!, Chorus Line, Hawaiian Babes, Fraülein (with an umlaut!), Bond Girls, Redheads, Triplets, Brunettes, Having Second Thoughts, Country Girls, Blondes, Dreamy Boys, Cats Selling Music, Dogs Selling Music, Dating the Photographer, Old-Fashioned Belles.

There used to be a time when pin-up girls graced the cover of easy listening albums. Apparently, there’s enough of them here they can be organized by hair color. Ugly chicks also get their own category: Dating the Photographer.