Hitchcock in California

by Kiko Matsing

Bodega Bay, CA (2014)

Not quite like the place it was in the movie, where Tippi Hedren stubbornly stalked Rod Taylor, but got rebuffed by maternal jealousy instead, metaphorically in the form of rapacious birds.

San Francisco, CA (2015)

This is where mystery woman Kim Novak jumped into the bay to be rescued by Jimmy Stuart’s private eye in Vertigo.

San Juan Bautista, CA (2015)

On my way back from Palo Alto, I stopped by mission San Juan Bautista, where Kim Novak jumped to her death from atop the belfry at the end of Vertigo.

You cannot see the belfry from the rooftop as it is actually squat. It was liberally augmented by Hitchcock in the movie.

Now that’s auteur.