Be Patient

by Kiko Matsing

A young Syed Rizwan Farook, ISIS sympathizer
and San Bernardino, CA mass shooter
(Source: Daily Mail)

I kept telling him always: stay calm, be patient, in two years Israel will no longer exist,” the elder Farook told the newspaper. “Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China, America too, nobody wants the Jews there.

(Source: USA Today, “Dad: San Bernardino shooter agreed with ISIL, ‘obsessed with Israel'”)

This was the father’s admonition to his son when the latter expressed his allegiance to ISIS. Is it just me, or does this sound equally extremist–that one would bear a deep desire for the destruction of Israel?

What is worrisome is how these seemingly moderate, devout Muslims (the Farooks and the Tsarnaevs) had been easily converted to murderous fanatics. If part of their religious aspiration is for the eradication of an entire people, should we be shocked at the outcome?