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The Pointed Nib

John James Audubon (1875-1851)
Carrion Crow, from “The Birds of America”

My new blog, The Pointed Nib, is live!

The banner of mighty carrion crows over the carcass of a stag is from John Audubon’s The Birds of America.

About the blog: “The pen’s tip took its name from the bird’s beak, honed by Nature to a sharp point. My aim is to be precise and concise as that avian implement that tackles large things in small nibbles.”

Waaah, Waaah, Waaaaah!

Photobucket Ransom Note

The Internet is littered with this hideous ransom note from Photobucket. It’s hard to be mad at a service you have been using for free all these years, one that you’ve almost taken for granted.

Well, Photobucket will no longer be ignored, especially by your Adblocker. They now want you to pay nearly half a grand a year to be able to link to your pictures hosted on their site. It would have been nice if you had been forewarned, you know, like what banks do before they foreclose on you.

So the cold reality was a shock, and shock soon turned to anger. These ugly grey monstrosities are plastered all over your site. But hey, Photobucket dosen’t really owe you anything.

Fortunately, more than half of my photos, the ones I took myself are hosted on Google Drive, which, so far, has been good and free.

It’s too cumbersome to repair all the broken links, so I will make the posts private, and eventually resurrect some of the contents in a new blog, The Pointed Nib.

The Flâneur’s Arcade, in the meantime, will remain what it has become, a blog of flâneur photography.