The Flâneur's Arcade

The flâneur finds the world "picturesque." (Susan Sontag)

Tomb Wall

New Orleans, LA (2017)

Interesting tomb wall at Lafayette Cemetery, with irregular stone and mortar that looks like piping.

Lesbians Who Tech

San Francisco, CA (2017)

Altamont Pass

Livermore, CA (2017)

Parking Lot View

Santa Barbara, CA (2017)

Behind Macy’s on La Cumbre.

Breathing Light

Los Angeles, CA (2016)

James Turrell’s Breathing Light

Notes from LACMA’s website:

James Turrell, considered one of the most important artists of the Southern California Light and Space movement, was born in Los Angeles in 1943 and attended Pomona College, where he studied art, art history, mathematics, perceptual psychology and astronomy. He took graduate courses at the University of California, Irvine, and received a master’s degree in fine art from Claremont Graduate School. Breathing Light is one of the artist’s Ganzfeld pieces: an installation designed to entirely eliminate the viewer’s depth perception. James Turrell’s art is a nexus for the worlds of art, science, architecture, astronomy, mathematics, archaeology, and spirituality.

Curvilinear Corner

Getty Center
Los Angeles, CA (2016)

Staying Along The Curve

Getty Center
Los Angeles, CA (2016)